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Taps Plumbing

Does that dripping tap keep you awake at night?

Does your kitchen mixer tap constantly have a pool of water around the base? If you answered yes to either of these plumbing questions, then you should call JEDI Plumbing now. Did you know that a dripping tap can waste up to 24000 litres of water a year. That is a huge amount of our most valuable resource going to waste down the drain. Quite often it is as easy as replacing a tap washer to prevent such waste. Also a tap that drips over a long period of time can be doing more damage than you think. The water can erode a groove in the brass seat that the washer sits on. If this is not rectified sooner rather than later, it will require new tap bodies and in the case of baths and showers, this can lead to chopping holes in walls. Our team of tap plumbing experts can easily repair and service any leaking or stiff taps with little fuss or mess. As well as repairing existing taps our friendly, reliable technicians can supply and install all makes and models of new taps. It is amazing how new tapware can freshen up a tired looking bathroom. Our trucks are stocked with a range of the latest styles in taps and mixer taps for situations where there is no time for shopping around. With our experience in tap plumbing we can also advise you on quality brands and correct styles for your situation, as not all taps are the same when looking to replace old ones.

Our taps plumbing services include:Running Tap

  • 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency tap repairs
  • Repairs and servicing of all taps
  • Re-seating of tap seats
  • Installation of new tap ware including shower roses or rails
  • Repairs and installation of Kitchen mixer taps
  • Water hammer repairs
So when it is fast, reliable service you require for your tap plumbing, call the local friendly team at JEDI Plumbing.

Need tap plumbing you can rely on?

  • Quality workmanship, we don’t take any shortcuts.
  • Vehicles are stocked & ready to go 24/7 for Emergency Plumbing Services.
  • Friendly, experienced technicians who have a passion for fixing taps.
  • We leave your space clean and tidy, you won’t even know we visited.
  • We turn up when we say we will, you won’t be left waiting.
  • Get your taps fixed right the first time guaranteed, or we will fix them for free.
  • With more than 20 years of experience in tap plumbing, there is no job too big or too small.