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Key Reasons To Call a Plumber For a Leaky Tap

Nothing will have a homeowner placing a call to a plumber faster than a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet. But did you know that a leaking or dripping tap can be causing just as much damage to your property and your health?

bathroom sink

There are a number of hazards that a leaking tap can cause, like

  • Mildew and mould:
    Mould produces mycotoxins that can lead to hypersensitivity, allergic reactions, and respiratory problems.
  • Water loss:
    A leaking tap can waste over 20,000 litres of water annually!
  • Structural damage: When left untreated, a leaking tap can cause extensive damage to your floors, walls, and even the foundation of your home.

A leaky tap may seem small and harmless. But the fact of the matter is that it can be a costly issue that can cause irreparable damage if left unchecked for any period of time.

Why leaky taps happen

Taps can leak for a variety of reasons with the first being the most common:

1. Parts are old or damaged
Over time, components of your tap may have become loose or damaged because of years of usage. In this situation, a quick and inexpensive homeowner fix may stop that leaking tap in its tracks, or you can place a call to an experienced taps plumber.

2. Incorrectly installed taps
There are a lot of DIY sinks and taps available on the market today. But unless you are a taps plumbing pro, the taps may have been incorrectly installed which is causing water to regularly drip and drop.

3. Household plumbing problems
A dripping tap may not be because of a problem with the tap itself. It may be indicating a potentially larger issue with your pipes.

One of the most obvious signs of a broken pipe is reduced water pressure. But this problem can also result in inconsistent dripping from your home’s water fixtures.

4. Water pressure issues
Inconsistent water pressure is another common cause behind a leaky tap. If you notice that your taps tend to leak during certain times of the day, or if the dripping coincides with when you flush the toilet or take a shower, for example, then inconsistent water pressure is likely the problem.

Why hire taps plumbing experts JEDI Plumbing

Tackling plumbing issues without fully knowing what you are doing is not only time-consuming. It can be causing further damage to your home and property.

Rather than make multiple trips to the hardware store and sink hours into watching DIY plumbing repair videos, it may be a better idea to give a JEDI Plumbing a call. Here’s why:

We have the diagnostics

Our team of professional plumbers have the experience and training necessary to properly diagnose the cause behind your leaky tap. We take the time to examine every aspect of the leak, which often leads to us resolving other plumbing issues that may have otherwise resulted in costly damage later on.

We have the tools

The cost of the tools needed to fix a leaky tap can go above and beyond what you would spend on a trained plumber to take care of the issue for you. JEDI Plumbing has the right cutters and strap wrenches readily available to do the job quickly and correctly.

We have the guarantee

Hiring a professional plumber means having all of the plumbing work and materials backed by warranty. If there is ever a problem with the work, credible plumbers will offer to come back to your home, free of charge, to make sure that the issue is fully taken care of.

You deserve a fast and reliable taps plumbing company. Speak to a friendly neighbourhood plumber at JEDI Plumbing today on 0411 774 381.

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