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Plumber Wingham

The Services offered to our Wingham customers include:

Free Home Plumbing Inspection Wingham> Taps Plumbing
> Blocked Drains
> Emergency Plumber
> Gas Plumber
> Hot Water Plumbers
> Bathroom Plumbing
> Kitchen Plumbing
> Toilet Plumbing & Repairs
> Leak Detection
> Rainwater Tanks
> Gutter Cleaning & Repair
> Drain CCTV Camera
> Commercial Plumbing
> House Plumbing

Wingham: Call Now For An Inspection Of Your Home Plumbing

Located on the banks of the Manning River close to Taree, Wingham is the oldest town on the Barrington Coast, its town square surrounded by National Trust-listed Federation buildings. First settled by timber cutters and dairy farmers in the mid-1800s, the town takes great pride in its history and heritage, celebrated in green spaces and museums.

Wingham is located in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia in the Mid-Coast Council area 329 kilometers (204 mi) north of Sydney. Wingham’s location on the Manning River means that it is a popular location for people eager to enjoy boating, canoeing, swimming, fishing and water skiing.

Right now, at JEDI Plumbing we are also offering a free plumbing inspection report for all residents of Wingham. This could lead to early identification of problems – and an early fix could save you expensive emergency repairs down the track.

Home Guttering Maintenance and Installation

At JEDI Plumbing our professional work speaks for itself and this is especially the case when it comes to the guttering and stormwater work which we carry out. This includes:

Installation or replacement of part or the whole of home guttering systems.
Maintenance and repair of storm water.
Repair or installation of down pipe.
Gutter cleaning.
Plus gutter guard installation.

The installation of gutter guards is really a great idea that a lot of folks haven’t thought of. The mesh cover can make a real difference as they stop debris getting stuck in pipes, leading to blockages. In areas like Wingham where there are large, established trees, guttering blockages can quickly become a large problem in the event of a heavy rain downpour.

A quality guttering system which is correctly installed will also add value to your property.

Our experienced fully licensed team at JEDI Plumbing have all your guttering and stormwater maintenance needs covered. Of course, our team has the qualifications to take care of any plumbing problem you might be facing, so don’t hesitate to call on 0411 774 381.

Also, Wingham residents should act now to take advantage of the offer to receive our free plumbing inspection assessment. This is a great opportunity – whether you have a specific concern or simply haven’t had your plumbing checked in some time.

Guttering Installed by Wingham Plumber