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Leak Detection

Your water bill has suddenly skyrocketed through the roof even when your water use has been constant. Creaking floorboards and other strange sounds are keeping you awake at night. Your walls appear to have ghostly shapes, and a wet spot in your yard looks like an apparition right from those horror movies. The meter spins mysteriously even when you’re not using the water, and the grass seems to be growing taller at a certain spot in your yard.

Before concluding that your property is haunted, it’s time to detect and repair water leaks. This homework will save a lot of dollars and prevent a potential crisis.

Plumbing Water Leak

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Water Leak Detection At Home

Detecting a Water Leak at Home

You may have a leak anywhere in your house- ceilings, behind walls, underground, water heater, and every visible pipe. They can occur in the house (kitchen, toilet, bathroom), underground, and yard.

House Leak Detection


With all that water from the dishwasher, washing machine, and other equipment in the kitchen, leaks are bound to occur. Check the bottom of your sink’s countertop. Is the countertop spongy, dark, and swollen? You’ve detected a leak. Also, pour some water slowly where the countertop and sink meet and examine if water is dripping at the lower part.

Leaks from water supply pipes inside cabinets tend to go unnoticed. So remember to check the areas beneath the cabinet for rotting floorboards, water paddles, and dampness.

If the caulk around the sink is not in good shape, your plastic laminate bench-top may become loose. So don’t forget to check that too.

Is your house a two-story one? Examine the ceiling below the kitchen for dried or wet stains. Continuous leaks from the dishwasher and other equipment might have eventually seeped through floor joints and reached the ceiling board.


The most notorious water leaks tend to be here, especially in houses where the toilets are on higher levels. The fact that they need links to water pipes means your house structure will have to contend with leaks that threaten to cause destruction.

Pour some drops of food colouring into the tank holding flushing water, and wait for some time (don’t flush). Did the toilet water in the toilet cistern change? If yes, then you’re dealing with a water leak problem somewhere between the toilet and toilet tank.

Check to see if the toilet’s base is loose by observing leaks from it. You can also sit on the toilet and feel any movement. if you notice any movement in the toilet bowl, it’s time to repair it.

Also, examine the ceilings directly beneath the toilet for dry or wet stains. Are the stains close to the toilet? Then your toilet piping is leaking. rush to repair them before the stains increase and cause more havoc.


Are your bathroom walls’ paints and wallpapers peeling from inside or outside? The culprit is water seeping through the caulk between tiles, especially if you’ve attached your bathtubs to the wall.

Falling or lose wall tile is another possible indication of a water leak. Water dripping continuously from shower curtains can seep through the caulk and grout, eventually loosening them.

Remember to examine the shower pan, bathtub, and other dark places. If there is mildew and mould growth in these spots, your bathroom piping is leaking. You see, mould loves a dark and moist place, so it’s a good water leak indicator.

Check to see if there’s a dry or wet stain on the ceiling directly beneath the bathroom. Water from shower curtains and bathroom piping can seep through floor tiles and make its way to the ceiling beneath the bathroom, leading to dark stains. Another sign of leakage is loose or curled flooring near the bathtub or shower.

The space between the floor and bathtub is one area where notorious gaps can develop due to steady leakage erosion. So check it and repair it as soon as possible. You don’t want these leakages to become severe and seep to the bottom parts of the floor.

Underground Leak Detection

Some pipe leakages may be hiding behind your walls or below the ground. They may be inside concrete slabs, asphalt streets, basements, and ceilings. While it can be difficult to determine a leak from a hidden pipe, it’s possible if you hire the right plumber:

How to Detect Pipe Leak Underground

A water meter test will come through for every property owner looking to detect underground leakage problems. Head over to the meter that measures your in-house water usage and checks its movement. Then turn off all taps, every shutoff valve, toilets, and appliances on your property. Examine the water meter again. If you notice any movement in the meter even after closing all the taps and valves, there’s a hidden leak in your property, most probably underground. If the water meter doesn’t spin, you’re safe.

Rotting wood, greenish molds, and mildew are other indicators of leaks from hidden or underground pipes. A leak from a pipe behind a wall or under an area means the place is dark and moist enough to promote these growths.

Another indication is heat coming from a spot beneath the ground surface. You see, heating occurs when high-pressure water hits a surface continuously at increased speeds for a prolonged period.

Modern leak detectors can also help you detect sounds of water leaking from pipes below the ground. Your increasing water bill may also confirm that things are not okay.

Water Leak in the Yard

Water leaks can also happen in exterior pipes, especially the primary water supply pipe. Some of the plumbing leaks indicators in most homes’ yards include:

  • Corroded piping
  • Increased grass growth around a spot close to an exterior pipe
  • Leaking hose pipes

How to Fix a Water Leak in the Yard and House

Did the water meter test and other methods fail to detect the water leak? Despite your best efforts, you may not spot the source of a leak that’s ballooning your water bills. Your best bet is to find a reputable leak detection specialist. And even if a water meter detects a leakage, fixing it yourself may prove hard since water leak repair comes with many legal and safety concerns.

JEDI Plumbing, a Reliable Leak Specialist

Do you suspect leaks in your home? It’s time to call a plumber that will repair them as soon as possible- you don’t want leaks to destroy your expensive property. But don’t rush and choose just anyone. The best plumber has the right training background and plumbing work experience, boasts rock-solid local clientele, and has a fast-moving response system.

JEDI Plumbing meets all these qualifications. Our experts have been solving a lot of difficult leaks that our customers encounter over the years. We usually come with cutting-edge technologies that can detect any leak quickly, and our professional work usually gives long-lasting results.

We provide emergency plumbing around the clock to ensure leaks don’t inflate Taree water bills abnormally.

What to Expect From Us:

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