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Plumber Black Head

At JEDI Plumbing, we offer our Black Head customers a range of services which include:

Free Home Plumbing Inspection Black Head> Taps Plumbing
> Blocked Drains
> Emergency Plumber
> Gas Plumber
> Hot Water Plumbers
> Bathroom Plumbing
> Kitchen Plumbing
> Toilet Plumbing & Repairs
> Leak Detection
> Rainwater Tanks
> Gutter Cleaning & Repair
> Drain CCTV Camera
> Commercial Plumbing
> House Plumbing

Advantages of Living in Black Head Include a Free Plumbing Inspection!

Black Head, NSW, offers a plethora of great qualities that make it an appealing place to live. Its coastal location blesses residents with scenic beauty, including pristine beaches like Black Head Beach and Diamond Beach, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, and bushwalking. The town’s relaxed lifestyle fosters a close-knit community, offering a friendly and supportive atmosphere. With a mild climate and access to essential amenities like shops, cafes, and healthcare services, Black Head provides comfort and convenience to its residents. It’s particularly attractive to retirees seeking a tranquil coastal retreat. The region’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife enhance the overall living experience, and the proximity to other attractive places along the Mid North Coast, like Forster and Taree, expands the possibilities for exploration and entertainment.

As a local Mid North Coast plumber, JEDI Plumbing is now offering a free inspection for all Black Head homes – no charge, and no obligation. We know that faulty pipes can harm our waterways and quality of life – so we’re happy to do our bit to prevent the problems that result from compromised plumbing.

Checking the Plumbing

Leaking taps or cisterns may be easy to ignore until you get the water bill! Our free inspection will find just what is needed in the way of repairs so that you can budget for it and save on the cost of water usage.

One thing that we all know is that when there is a plumbing problem in our home, it often occurs at the most inconvenient time. This often results in the need to call an Emergency Plumber out of regular hours, or to have time off work to meet a tradesman during the day.

Our offer of a free plumbing inspection should be seen as a smart step towards preventing costly emergency callouts. Owners of older homes in particular should take advantage of our free inspection as these homes may have pipes that have corroded or have tree roots entangled around it.

And importantly, if your home has suffered storm damage the plumbing can become compromised, with leaks possibly occurring between walls where they are not noticed until damage has become visible.

A water leak in your home can cause the framework to rot or the ceiling or walls to become stained. It can also cause mould and mildew to form which can be a health hazard. If your bathroom tiles suddenly seem to get loose, it could be caused by a water leak behind the wall.

Our free home plumbing inspection now available to Black Head residents takes the guesswork out of whether your pipes and plumbing are in reliable working order. Call JEDI Plumbing today to arrange your free inspection on 0411 774 381.

Plumber Black Head