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Storm Drain Water Cleaning

The Mid North Coast, like most coastal places in New South Wales, Australia, experiences heavy downpours during the rainy season.  As a resident of this part of the Manning Valley, you’re only too familiar with the kind of drainage issues that come with heavy rain. Therefore, having a solid stormwater drainage system is the best way to curb flooding and minimize the damage and misery of the harsh weather. 

Defective or malfunctioning stormwater drain infrastructure may expose your property to risks and hazards, which may cost you a lot of money to repair. Therefore, we recommend that you call in a plumbing specialist from a reputable plumbing company to inspect your blocked stormwater drain system at the onset of each rainy season to make sure your house hasn’t got the onset of a blocked drain.

This will enable them to remove any clogs, debris, and conduct a thorough storm water drain cleaning service, and repair other blocked drain damages.

Get to know your drains and all that you need to know about storm water drain cleaning, drain blockages, how to prevent storm water blockages and how we can help you unblock, fix and maintain a fully functional storm water drainage infrastructure. It will also explain the importance of fully qualified plumbers to resolve your issues.

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House Storm Water Drain

How Storm Water Drainage Works

Before we proceed, let’s first understand what stormwater drainage is. This is a type of plumbing drainage system that collects runoff rainwater outside your home.

Storm Water Drainage System

The drain infrastructure is constructed around your compound to collect rainwater from your roof and the compound and drain it into the main drainages on the Mid North Coast. 

Although they’re a crucial part of each home’s drainage method, stormwater drains tend to be neglected by most homeowners leading to blocked drains. This may be because their importance is only appreciated during the heavy rain.  

Because your rain gutters and drains are prone to debris and other wastes accumulating on them, knowing how to clean stormwater drains & a blocked drain may save you thousands of dollars in repairs. 

If you notice gurgling sounds from the plughole, chances are you have a blocked water drain. When you notice the first signs of blockage, check your blocked drain right away and see if the issue can be remedied easily. If the case is worse than you expected, call your plumber and have it fixed immediately. Any delays can lead to a more serious blockage and other problems that can set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

Early detection can save a lot of work and costly repairs further down the line. If you are aware that you have even just a partial stormwater blockage call in your plumber as soon as possible. 

At JEDI Plumbing, we have a team of reliable and experienced drain cleaning professionals to provide you with an effective stormwater management plan. This consists of an efficient drainage setup and our best drain cleaning services to help you fix and repair any blocked storm water drains.

Common Storm Water Drain Issues

Like any other plumbing systems in your home, your stormwater drain is subject to normal wear and tear. Several issues may affect the effective functioning of the entire system. 

However, stormwater drains are constructed differently, and you may not realise you have a faulty drain until it rains. Here are some common stormwater drain issues you’re likely to discover around Taree and the Mid North Coast suburbs during an inspection with one of our licensed plumbers.

JEDI Plumber

Blocked Drains

blocked drain or pit is a significant issue that is likely to affect your stormwater drains. It is also the main reason many homes in our local Manning Valley area experience a lot of flooding and damages. Unlike the ordinary gutters in your home, stormwater drainage is exposed to bigger and more dangerous elements. 

What causes blocked drains?

Main causes include stones, dirt, silts, and similar debris left behind by ground runoff when it pours. All the garbage and wastes collected will accumulate, leading to a serious clog. The drainage line is also prone to pests infestation during the dry season when they turn it into a home.

Garbage Blocking Storm Water Drain

Rats and similar rodents are usually the main catalysts to blocked stormwater drains. They bring with them leaves, pieces of clothes, and paper that blocks the drainage process. Some birds may also build their nests inside your stormwater pits or the system landscape.

Regular maintenance like cleaning and clearing of scum growth and sediments helps to prevent the further accumulation of rubbish, debris, dirt build up and anything else that can cause a future blockage. 

Another obvious sign of blocked drains is flooded toilets. If you notice gurgling sounds from the plughole, chances are you have a blocked water drain. When you notice the first signs of a blockage, check for a blocked drain right away and see if the issue can be remedied easily. Showers, basins, sinks, and toilets are all connected through a network of underground drains.

If your fixtures are slow to drain, make a gurgling sound, or create bad smells, this is a red flag that the line is blocked and may require urgent attention.  

Since the stormwater drainage offers ideal living conditions for possums, they can also contribute to blocked stormwater drains. To prevent serious infrastructure damage to the drain & sewer pipe, routine inspection and maintenance of stormwater pipes are highly recommended checking for blocked drains or damaged pipes.

Stormwater drain blockages are often caused by dirt, leaves, garden debris, sludge build-up, sediment accumulation, tree roots, and simply lack of overall garden maintenance. Depending on the blockage our team will utilise a high-pressure water jet or electric eel to break up the clog and disburse the debris.

Leaves Blocking Storm Drains

What’s better the Electric Eel or Water Jetter?

The best way to clear a blocked stormwater drain is by using a High-Pressure water jetter. This equipment has replaced the old Electric Eel for most drain specialists within the industry. The High-pressure water jetter cuts the roots cleanly off at the edge of the pipe and blasts off the sludge build-up that lays inside your drain. It’s also faster and more flexible. 

The electric eel, electric drain cleaner, or drain snake has been a reliable plumbers weapon of choice when facing a blockage. It is an extremely versatile tool that uses a powerful electric engine to clear blockages in sewer and stormwater pipes. The electric eel cuts through tree roots, grease, leaves, and build-ups of soil using a variety of rotating cutting heads. 

In our experience, the water jetter is far more successful in clearing blocked drains than the old electric eel. Again both tools have their own benefits and can be used accordingly.

Storm Drain Equipment

Breaking of Drain Pipe

Another significant stormwater drainage issue is defective or broken pipes. Although not so common, some factors may lead to your drain pipes breaking, and then you might need a plumber. 

Drainage Pipe

An example is when you have heavy equipment or machinery such as tractors or bulldozers on your house or an old tree with tree roots passing the drain pipes. They can break or crack the sewerage pipes, causing them to be clogged with soil.

Furthermore, if you have grown trees around your home having thick tree roots, or there are many trees along the road that leads to your home, then the chances are that the tree roots will crack up the pipes then squeeze and grow inside the operation. These tree roots are actually the main cause of drain issues around the Taree and Mid North coast area.

This results in clogged drain pipes that are complicated to deal with. In such cases, you will certainly need to have a professional plumbing specialist to inspect and assess the extent of the damage to your stormwater drains. 

Sometimes replacing a blocked drain may be necessary, but typically, the plumber will have to do a thorough stormwater drain pipe cleaning operation to your blocked drain in order to restore your drainage process and blocked drains into a proper working condition. Preventative maintenance is key here!

How To Prevent Common Storm Water Drainage Problems

There are a few steps you can take to reduce the chances of your systems blocking up or to mitigate the damages associated with it. 

  • Gutter guards: Install gutter guards to keep debris and leaves off the bay and ensure your drains are kept clear.
  • Regular cleaning of gutters: With the gutter guards in place, don’t let the debris accumulate for long. Regular stormwater drain cleaning to clean the downpipes is also recommended.
  • Regular residential storm drain cleaning: Regularly clean your sewer and all household drains by flushing them with water throughout your house pipes to ensure the passageways remain clear at all times. Clearing drains with water will also reduce the harmful effects of the blocked drain.

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  • Drain CCTV camera: This is an effective tool trusted by many experienced Plumbers for identifying the exact location and causes of the blockage in your property. A drain CCTV camera will help quickly identify and fix the problem. The drain CCTV camera completely takes the guesswork out of the job.
Drain CCTV

Solutions for Storm Water Drainage 

There is always a solution for every problem, and stormwater drainage is no exception. If you’ve tried to clear your blocked drains and think you might need proper stormwater drain cleaning, then relax; we’ve got you.

How to clean out storm drains?

As a drainage professional plumber who has been in the industry for over two decades and helping out thousands of customers, we understand your frustrations too well. We provide solutions for added longevity and strength within your stormwater setup.

We can begin with a thorough inspection of your entire stormwater drainage system, review the whole setup and provide you with a permanent solution that will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Our inspection starts with a routine cleaning to get rid of any debris and recommend any necessary repairs.


Clogged stormwater from debris and silt build-up is a common headache for many residents on the coast. The best way to handle a serious growth of silt or waste in stormwater pits and drains is through high-pressure drain cleaning. 

We are not only experienced at plumbing, but also the use of technology and innovations in our services, such as high-pressure tools for effective residential storm drain cleaning. At the end of our visit, our plumbing guarantees that a blocked stormwater drain will be a thing of the past for you.  

Drain CCTV Cameras

We can help you diagnose and detect possible storm water drainage issues before it gets out of control. Easy detection and prevention of a drainage issue is crucial in assessing and fixing the damage on time. In this case, a drain CCTV camera is an ideal tool.

How to clean out storm water pipes?

Although uncommon, broken, or defective pipes are another problem, we can efficiently and professionally solve it for you. Stubborn clogs caused by soil filling, the broken pipes could be the reason the ground runoff is such an problem in your home. The issue may be due to worn-out pipes that are susceptible to breakage. 

It could also be due to the overgrown roots of nearby trees. Whatever the issue, we are industry veterans who can handle any problem, big or small. You only have to give us a call, and we’ll be there in no time 24/7.

Pipe relining

To ensure pipes remain root-free we complete a process called pipe relining. This job creates an additional, durable inner sleeve to your existing pipes, one that can last for up to 50 years. It’s like a full pipe replacement without having to dig up your entire yard when experiencing blocked stormwater drains.

For best pipe relining solutions, help, or replacement for added longevity and strength within your stormwater system you can rely on JEDI Plumbing.

Bottom Line

The best way to keep your stormwater drainage functioning properly is through regular professional inspection, repairs, and maintenance. This will help you avoid spending more in the future to curb the effects of flooding. We know the importance of providing prompt and efficient plumbing services to the areas we cover. 

Work with a reputable plumbing company to help you handle such complicated plumbing problems.
At JEDI Plumbing, we are all about drainage and solutions. We are professionals with years of experience in clearing drain blockages and unwanted side effects that come with them.
We are the blocked drain experts and would love to help you get your drains fixed or replaced with ease. You can expect excellent service at reasonable prices.

Worried about Residential storm drain cleaning?

Our fully qualified plumbers ensure you enjoy a clean, safe living environment no matter the weather. Fixing your blocked stormwater drain will be done by our professional plumbers who know exactly what to fix without disturbing your household.

We have been clearing storm water drains around Taree and the Mid North Coast suburbs for over 20 years so we understand firsthand what’s involved to get your blocked storm water drain flowing again. We specialise in drains and will always have a solution to permanently fix the problem. We’re known for our impressive speed, quality and friendly service.

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At JEDI plumbing, each of our plumbers is highly trained and armed with all the equipment and storm drain cleaning tools required to provide a guaranteed resolution to your problem. We provide complete blocked stormwater drain cleaning and clearing services right up the Mid North Coast Suburbs and surrounding areas.

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JEDI’s plumbing Service is on call and ready to assist. We have a 24/7 Emergency Plumbing service and will be onsite within 1 hour of short notice. Our Local Plumber is always just a phone call away. Our team of experienced plumbers is capable of tackling blocked drains of all shapes and sizes. Our fleet is manned by fully qualified plumbers and drain cleaning specialists to get the job done. 

Customer Service You Can Rely On

With more than 20 years of service experience in the plumbing industry, JEDI Plumbing has developed an in-depth understanding of blocked storm water plumbing systems and exceptional customer service. We have learned to communicate and serve Taree & Mid North Coast residents with utmost professionalism, care, quality and 5-star service.

When you reach out to us, our storm water technicians arrive as fast as possible to rectify any issues on your property.

Our storm water plumbers are also more than happy to walk you through each step to help you understand our services providing great value. If anything changes in the course of service delivery, you are the first to be notified. Our clients trust us for our excellent work along with reputable and consistent services. Reach out today for a genuine plumbers you can rely on. 

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