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Plumber Wallabi Point

Here at JEDI Plumbing, we offer our Wallabi Point clients a range of services which include:

Free Home Plumbing Inspection St Ives> Taps Plumbing
> Blocked Drains
> Emergency Plumber
> Gas Plumber
> Hot Water Plumbers
> Bathroom Plumbing
> Kitchen Plumbing
> Toilet Plumbing & Repairs
> Leak Detection
> Rainwater Tanks
> Gutter Cleaning & Repair
> Drain CCTV Camera
> Commercial Plumbing
> House Plumbing

Our Special Offer for Wallabi Point Clients!

Wallabi Point is a serene coastal village nestled along the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia. Offering a perfect blend of coastal charm and natural beauty, Wallabi Point attracts both locals and visitors seeking a tranquil escape. The properties in Wallabi Point range from stunning beachfront homes with mesmerizing ocean views to cozy cottages tucked away in lush green surroundings. This idyllic setting provides residents with a relaxed lifestyle, where the sound of crashing waves and the gentle sea breeze create a soothing ambiance. With pristine beaches, fishing spots, and nature reserves in close proximity, outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to explore and enjoy. The community in Wallabi Point is warm and welcoming, fostering a strong sense of belonging. Whether one is looking for a permanent residence or a holiday retreat, Wallabi Point offers a slice of paradise along the breathtaking Australian coastline. Many streets are adorned with large trees and other greenery, making them pleasant and shady in the summer.

But if you are worried about those tree roots compromising your plumbing, you’ll be pleased to hear that JEDI Plumbing is delighted to offer our Wallabi Point clients the complimentary free plumbing inspection.

Shady Avenues

While the shade of large trees is enjoyable, it means that you must be careful of your plumbing, as tree roots are known to be a hazard to underground pipes. They grow much more quickly than you realise and can easily twine their way around your pipes, find a tiny hole and keep growing right up the pipe, eventually blocking it completely.

Tree roots are so strong that over time they can force the original small hole to become much larger, allowing water and sewage to seep out. In fact, once this happens even more roots will be attracted to the moisture and nutrients in the area in order to support the tree’s continued growth.

Pointers to Blocked Pipes

Some pointers to roots blocking your pipes are slow drainage and water glugging as it goes down the pipe. A hint that your water pipes are leaking underground is a spot in the lawn that is always greener than the surrounding area, a damp place in the garden that is not caused by natural run-off and a water bill that is larger than you expected.

Call to Arrange Your Free Plumbing Inspection

These problems can occur whether your home is old or new. If you have concerns about your pipes, gutters, toilets or sprinkler systems, JEDI Plumbing is pleased to offer a Free Plumbing Inspection for Wallabi Point residents!

Call our friendly team today on 0411 774 381 to arrange your complimentary plumbing inspection.

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