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Drain CCTV Camera

What are the reasons for having a CCTV Drain Camera Inspection?CCTV Camera Looking In Drain

  • Re-occurring sewer blockages
  • Storm water blockages
  • Land subsidence
  • Rising damp or water ingress.

Drainage problems can be caused by many different factors. Be it tree roots blocking a sewer line, or silt and sediment restricting the flow of storm water drainage, without the right equipment it is near impossible to diagnose the exact cause.

This is where a CCTV Drain Camera takes the guesswork out. We have the latest in CCTV drain camera technology to assist us in diagnosing the exact cause of your drainage issue. The camera, which is around the size of a fifty cent piece, is mounted on the end of a thirty metre long fibre optic cable. This cable gets pushed down into a drain opening by hand. Back up on the surface, we can clearly see the inside of the pipe on a colour monitor that displays the camera image.

Once the issue or fault is found in the drain, we are then able to use a locator, which can detect the exact position and depth of the camera head. This then gives us the precise position to dig, saving you money on wasted digging labour, and preventing unnecessary disturbance to paths and gardens.

If left unchecked, problems such as rising damp and water ingress under buildings can damage the structure of the building, and jeopardize the health of your family through the growth of mould. Quite often rising damp problems are the result of a broken or collapsed storm water pipe. With a CCTV drain camera inspection these breaks can be located and repaired quickly, reducing the chance of damage to the building structure and more importantly, eliminating the mould growth that could be compromising your families health.