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Harmful Effects Of Blocked Drainage To Your Home And Health

Maintaining a functional and efficient home is a never-ending task. It takes continuous investment to ensure that every area in your house is as functional as it should be. Unfortunately, most individuals tend to focus on the visible areas, leaving the invisible such as the plumbing or drainage system unattended. This is until something goes wrong, and before they realise it, the damage is already too big to handle.

One of the significant issues to look out for in your plumbing system is blocked drainage. Clogged drainage can have severe negative impacts not only on your home’s efficiency but also to the health of your loved ones. It ruins your home’s structural integrity, makes it inhabitable and maximises repair and maintenance cost.

There are various causes of drain blockage including;

-Mineral buildups
-Food particles
-Dirt and debris
-Toilet paper buildup
-Tree roots

You should inspect your drainage or have a professional do it regularly to detect the issue before it gets out of hand. Without further ado, here is a glance at some effects of blocked drainage to your home and health.

Health Risks

Clogged drains can cause numerous adverse effects on your health and that of your loved ones. For starters, it facilitates bacteria growth which causes allergies and diseases. The blockage in the drain hinders water from flowing, hence a flow back. At this point, you will realise slow water drainage in your sinks, and sometimes, it remains stagnant. This water has bacteria in it, and the more you continue to use the sink, you are at risk of viruses and contamination.

The bacteria diffuse in the water and air around your home, making the situation worse if you or one of your family members suffers from allergies. The contaminated water and air have irritable effects on individuals with skin problems such as eczema and those suffering from hay fever and asthma.

The contaminated water also becomes a threat to your health once it remains stagnant in the pipes. This is due to the growth of Legionella and other bacteria that thrive in stagnant water. The bacteria are liable for legionnaires diseases such as coughing, chest pain, and short breath.

Helicobacter is another common bacteria found in drainage systems. When exposed to it, you are at high risk of developing peptic ulcers, which is characterised by sores on the stomach lining.

Your kids are more susceptible to these diseases, and it is best if you prevent these issues on time rather than being sorry when the damage is already done.

Unpleasant Odour

Clogged drains block the water from flowing, and it ends up accumulating in the pipes. With time, the stagnant water starts emitting unpleasant odours, making your home inhabitable. What’s more? Once the debris and dirt are big enough, they block water from getting into the pipes. The pipes dry out with time, meaning that there is no moisture to absorb the odours coming from food and other wastes. The foul smell is released to your home.

Other than the obvious fact that no one can stand bad smells, it can also cause headache, irritability, tiredness and anxiousness to some people.

Attracts Mould and Pests

Pests, insects thrive in moist areas. For example, mosquitoes survive in stagnant water and leaving blocked drainage will create a conducive environment for them. Moreover, mildew and mould grow fast in moist areas such as walls and floorboards. Clogged drains make your house damp due to water flow-back. The pests and mould carry health risks and could also damage your home structure if not dealt with on time.

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is the most obvious and annoying sign of clogged drainage. It makes your home inefficient and results in time-wastage, especially when you wish to use the sink or tub, but you have to wait for the water in it to drain. The water has a hard time passing through the pipes; making drainage slower than usual. The water may even start flowing back up, resulting in most of the mentioned harmful effects of blocked drainage to your home and health such as unpleasant smell, dampness and growth of mould and bacteria.

Slow Drainage

Weakens Your Home Structure

Blocked drains compromise the plumbing system, and the damages are more profound than you can see. Water is no longer channelled to the right places. Some of it remains stagnant while the rest finds its way through corners and cracks in your house. The water accumulates in those areas and weakens your home’s structure and foundation. If the issue is not handled on time, you may need to rebuild most parts of your house which is time and cost-intensive.


A few aspects contribute to leakage after a long time of unhandled drainage blocks. For starters, the pipes will eventually succumb to the stagnated water pressure, causing them to burst. The other cause of leakage is weakened pipes which causes wear and tear.

If you realise that some areas in your yard or lawn appear greener and the grass is taller than in other parts, this could be an indication of leaking pipes. The water may also seep into the walls and floors, and this damages the entire home foundation. The results are mould growth, bacteria development and high costs of repair and replacement.

Final Thoughts

One of the easiest ways to avoid blocked drainage and the harmful effects to your home and health is by being cautious about what you let into the sinks, toilet, bathtubs and drain pipes. Be careful when washing your hair, cleaning utensils and dump kitchen waste appropriately. Ensure that only water gets into the drain. You should also schedule regular drainage inspections. Although you can do this by yourself, you should invite experts once in a while for a professional and thorough checkup.

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