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Bathroom Innovation Awards 2015 Highlights

Great looking bathrooms can be made or broken by the suitability, functionality, and pure aesthetics of tap ware. While getting the right taps for your bathroom can be quite a task, and can take many hours, spare a thought for the designers of tap ware who are always looking to improve on last year’s model.

Innovative Tap Ware Designers

Have you ever wondered who designs bathroom fittings and how fittings become sleeker and more functional every year? Well, it might be surprising to some that there are specialist tap ware designers who put enormous time and energy into creating innovative tap ware that pushes the envelope ever forward in bathroom design.

Innovative tap ware design is encouraged and fostered by the annual Bathroom Innovation Awards. The awards call from entries in two classes – professionals and students – and offer cash prizes of $10,000 and $5,000 to the respective winners. The winner of the professional section is also awarded by having the design prototyped by industry leader Novi, while the student section winner receives a two week internship with Spain-based industry leaders Roca.

Bathroom Tapware

The BIAs

The BIAs, as they’re known in the industry, have been in operation for ten years and are open to any design professional including architects, interior architects, industrial designers, and interior designers, who are permanent residents of Australia. The student section is open to any student in an architecture, industrial design, or other design discipline currently enrolled with an Australian tertiary education facility. The competition is fierce, and winning a BIA is quite an achievement.

Creative designs are judged according to a strict criteria that includes aesthetic merit, functionality, viability of manufacture, and innovation. As a minimum, entrants are required to submit the design for a basin tap ware set or a basin mixer. Innovation can be applied across any of the set criteria.

This year’s winning tap ware designs were chosen for their innovative approach to the use of water combined with a unique aesthetic that uses technologically advanced features, while being mindful of modern day lifestyle habits.

Professional Designer Section Winner

Industrial designer, Michael Wilds, won the professional designer section with his incredibly sleek design appropriately called ‘Incline’. The design blends all important sustainable water-use characteristics with what the judges called “a refined sculptural form” to design a very functional tap. The judges were suitably impressed by the originality of the design which opted for space-saving minimalism.

Michael had managed to include a timed tap feature incorporating a visual countdown component that lets the user monitor water usage through time. The sculptural simplicity and form of the design was a stand-out feature according to the judges.

Michael’s passion for sustainability was the driving force behind his creation and he is justifiably proud of the end result. Once he focussed solely on sustainability the design came together.

Student Winner

Fourth year industrial design student, Bryce Beard took out the student prize with a design variation based upon thermostats. The design, called ‘Totus’, has all temperature adjustment functions rolled into one easy-to-use format: up and down to regulate water flow, right for cold and left for hot. It is very easy to operate and has a range of customisable materials and finishes. One striking innovation is a special LED light feature that changes colour in line with different temperature levels.

Bryce found the process of designing the Totus for the competition an invaluable learning experience as he was involved in a constant cycle of testing and feedback. He has been greatly encouraged by the recognition of the award.

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