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Electrolux Unveils Its Mastery Range

With over 90 years of innovative design behind it, you can be guaranteed that when Electrolux releases a new range of home appliances it’s bound to be awe-inspiring. The latest range from this world-famous brand is nothing short of spectacular, with some life-changing functions being added to your most beloved home appliances.

The Swedish brand’s latest range for AEG is titled The Mastery Range and features some new and innovative spins on traditional home appliances. With everything from dishwashers to ovens revolutionised, these products signal the latest in home technology and some great design features that are sure to be copied by other manufacturers.

This range was on display recently at the IFA trade show in Berlin, and although no definite prices have been released yet, they’re set to be worth every penny. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, these innovative appliances could be just what you were searching for.


Comfort Lift Dishwashers

The amazing dishwasher in the AEG Mastery Range has one of the most innovative design features to be found in these appliances to date. The Comfort Lift feature allows the bottom rack of your dishwasher to lift up to your height for a more ergonomic use. No longer will you need to strain your back as you try to fit the dishes into the back of the rack, as this device brings the rack to you.

Another great feature of the Comfort Lift dishwasher range is the whisper quiet running volume. Anyone with a dishwasher will attest to just how noisy these can be at times, and Electrolux has solved that problem with their 37dB energy efficient machine.

Soft Water Technology Washing Machines

Moving onto the laundry, the AEG9000 Series Washing Machine is another standard appliance to receive a modern makeover. These washing machines make the very best of your plumbing supply to wash your clothes with soft water only and offer great energy and water ratings for the environmentally conscious.

After much independent research, Electrolux has found that clothes are washed more effectively with soft water as they allow the detergents to work better. This machine actually softens the water before it comes into the machine from your plumbing so it can wash at an even lower temperature of 30 degrees.

SenseCook Oven

The kitchen is another area that has been treated to futuristic changes in appliances, with the SenseCook Oven. The most important feature of this oven is the innovative internal thermometer that allows the oven to do the work for you.

Instead of setting it to a certain temperature, you simply tell the oven what you’re intending on cooking and how well you need it cooked and it will take care of the rest. You’ll never have to worry about burning the roast or overcooking steaks again.

Is It Time To Renovate Your Home?

If you’re thinking of updating your home with a complete makeover, or just giving your tired old appliances the boot, you’ll need to ensure you get the very best professional advice to make it happen. Some complex appliances require the help of a professional plumber to install, or if you’re adding a new plumbing service entirely you’ll require specialised help.

The team at JEDI Plumbing is happy to assist with any new plumbing installations or modifications you might need to make around the home. In addition to installation plumbing and gas services, we can also be there when things go wrong.

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