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When You Might Need To Call A Manly Emergency Plumber

Running water is an essential component of any modern home. It is utilised daily for cleaning, cooking, personal hygiene, drinking, and in the garden – we would have a hard time getting by without it. However, when a plumbing emergency occurs, water can cause an almost unbelievable amount of damage to a home. To mitigate the amount of damage that can be done, it is important for those on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to know when it is the right time to call their local Manly emergency plumber.


Overflowing toilet

Overflowing toilets are a common, and an altogether unpleasant, plumbing problem. They have the potential to cause a considerable amount of damage to floors and the lower parts of walls, as well as any other household items that may exist at ground level. Perhaps worst of all, an overflowing toilet can leave a home with a horrible stench that can be extremely difficult to get rid of. The best way to deal with an overflowing toilet is to turn off the water, if possible, and call an emergency plumber straight away.

Clogged drain

Clogged drains present a very similar situation to overflowing toilets. If a drain is clogged, it can lead to water overflowing and damaging floors and walls. It is important to check the drains in the home and make sure that none are in the immediate vicinity of power outlets or electrical outlets. If they are, a simple clogged drain can become a serious health and safety hazard. In this case, turning off the electricity and water in a home will help prevent a serious accident from occurring, but an emergency plumber should be called to unclog the drain as soon as possible.

Water leak

Water leaks in walls or ceilings have the potential to cause serious structural damage to homes. In extreme examples, neglected leaks can cause ceilings to cave in. Water leaks can often only be recognised by the damage that they have caused to a wall or ceiling. If the leak itself is on the inside of the wall, it is only accessible to a qualified plumber.

It is difficult to know just how much water is actually flowing out of the pipe at the source of the leak. This can be concerning, as it is impossible to see whether the water is in danger of making contact with any of the electrical wiring behind the walls of the house. Although a leak may not necessarily appear to be an emergency situation, they have the potential to cause a large amount of damage in very little time. An emergency plumber should be called to deal with any leak, especially if its source is not visible, as soon as possible.

Burst hot water tank

A burst hot water tank can result in a massive amount of water loss and severe damage to a property, particularly if the property owner does not react quickly to mitigate the amount of damage caused by the leaking tank. If a hot water tank has burst, stopping the flow of water and gas into the tank should always be the first step taken. This can be done by turning the taps on the outside of the tank to the off position. Calling an emergency plumber to assess the situation will help ensure that no further damage is done, and that the home will have running hot water again in no time.

Running water is vital to day to day life, but it can sometimes be the source of major headaches. JEDI Plumbing is your local Manly emergency plumber, and we can deal with any sudden plumbing problems you might encounter. We welcome your call today on 0411 774 381.