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Ten Big Bathroom Blunders

Our bathrooms are changing from purely functional rooms used for cleaning ourselves, into our own private refuges where we can relax and unwind from a long, stressful day. With this increased focus on bathrooms, more and more people are taking an active role in either designing the bathrooms in their new homes or renovating an existing bathroom to suit their needs. Either way, this is by no means an easy task, and it doesn’t take much for one small mistake to throw the ambience and feel of the room off track.

Ten Big Bathroom Blunders

Here we look at ten big bathroom blunders, and how to avoid them.

1. Spending without a budget. As with any project, you need to set a budget. While having a bathroom design is all well and good, it will be meaningless if the project comes to a halt midway due to a lack of funds. By setting a realistic budget, you can be sure that your bathroom will be complete, with an occasional compromise.

2. Not having a design. Planning is everything when it comes to ensuring a project comes together. A key component is to have a scaled proposed plan of your new bathroom’s layout. In doing this, you can be assured that items will fit in as and where they should.

3. Using “modern” fixtures and fittings. Today’s modern is tomorrow’s old news. What may be in fashion and all the rage right now can look dated within a short period. In most cases, it’s best to stick to timeless fixtures and fittings to ensure your bathroom will always stay relevant.

4. Lighting issues. With bathrooms being used for cleaning and relaxing, thought needs to be put into the type of lighting used. Bright lights help us when we’re bathing, but throw off the ambience of the room when having a soothing soak. A mixture of task and ambient lighting will help make sure your bathroom is suitable for all your needs.

5. Poor ventilation. Bathrooms tend to generate a lot of steam, which can lead to walls, ceilings and flooring becoming damaged if left unchecked. Be sure to have adequate ventilation in your bathroom to minimise any potential damage.

6. A shortage of storage. You need to carefully consider what items you want to store within the bathroom. Do you need a space for spare towels? How many accessories are kept in the bathroom? Keeping these items in mind will help you decide what storage spaces to allow for.

7. Inadequate waterproofing. Whether it’s a new bathroom or a renovation, ensuring that your waterproofing is adequate will save you from potential nightmares. Improperly applied waterproofing will affect not only the tiles and finishes within the bathroom but also has the potential for water damage to the adjoining rooms.

8. Choosing the right colours. Colour can have a huge effect on a room’s feel and is not solely based on the paint or tiles we use. When planning a new bathroom, thought also needs to be put into the colour of fixtures and fittings, cabinets and accessories such as towels and bath mats to ensure there are no clashes.

9. Too many patterns. Our bathrooms are hubs of relaxation in our homes, so an excessive use of patterns can take away that sense of calm. Try to minimise the number of patterns being used in your new bathroom.

10. Poor drainage. While oversized tiles and hobless showers can provide a stunning look, they can also present drainage issues if not handled correctly. Ensure your floor and shower wastes are suitable for not only the bathroom’s design but that you can have a sufficient fall to allow for water to drain efficiently. Alternatives to a standard waste can include strip grates and tiled wastes.

The items above are by no means a definitive list but should give you an idea of what to look out for when designing your next bathroom. To discuss the plumbing options most suitable for your new bathroom, the experienced team at JEDI Plumbing welcome your today call on 0411 774 381.