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Get Water Wise with Sydney Rainwater Tanks

Today we are suffering a constant shortage of water while our demands for this life-sustaining liquid are reaching all-time highs. Though nearly three-quarters of our planet is made of water, ocean and sea water can’t be used on or in our bodies, and there are very few other applications where it can be put to good use.


This is why rainwater harvesting through the installation of Sydney rainwater tanks is on the rise. The rainwater harvesting process is quite simple: as rain falls, it is collected, stored and saved to be used later. With the right tank, this water can be purified and used for almost every daily application imaginable, including:

  • Drinking and cooking
  • Bathing
  • Laundering
  • Operating appliances and fixtures including toilets
  • Gardening and irrigation

Some organisations are even able to harness the massive potential of rainwater and use it in large-scale applications.

The benefits of Sydney rainwater tanks are vast

By collecting rainwater, you can take advantage of many which go beyond how easily it can be used around the home.

Users save money on their utilities. Rainwater is absolutely free! By having rainwater readily available, you’ll spend less money purchasing water from a water provider.

The demands for ground water are reduced. Lowering this demand goes a long way in helping communities restore the natural yet delicate balance of our growing population and the local biosphere.

Purified rainwater has less salt and other substances. A proper tank will purify the water, leaving it cleaner and healthier for you to use.

Harvesting rainwater may even help reduce erosion and local floods. This is because the otherwise damaging rainwater will be contained and unable to have an adverse effect on the environment.

Pick the right tank for your lifestyle

The increasing demand for rainwater tanks has led to the improvement and diversification of tank offerings. Tanks of all shapes, sizes, and materials can now be found, though the most popular found in backyards are made from polyethylene or steel.

  • Steel tanks: Steel-liner tanks are typically used for larger household applications. These usually feature a steel structure on the outside and a poly liner on the inside.
  • Polyethylene tanks: These tanks are available in an array of colours and are UV stabilised.
  • Bladder tanks: Bladder tanks are a good option for those with limited or awkward spaces where a typical rainwater tank will not fit.
  • Below-ground rainwater tanks are another option for new homes or those with limited space. These can be buried underground or beneath decking.

Sydney rainwater tanks can be found in a variety of sizes. For most households which plan on using rainwater for more than sprinkling H2O on the garden, a tank of 10,000L or larger will be necessary. Most homes opt for a tank of at least 30,000L to fulfil their daily operational needs.

Water that never runs out – even if the rainwater does

An understandable concern that homeowners have is what will happen once the tank runs dry. JEDI Plumbing installs Sydney rainwater tanks which integrates water mains with your rainwater source. Most tanks are outfitted with an automatic device that tops up the tank when the rainwater depletes so that your water usage is never affected.

Choose the right rainwater tank with JEDI Plumbing

Whether it’s a new rainwater tank or retrofitting an existing water tank with these new collecting capabilities, the Sydney rainwater tank specialists at JEDI Plumbing can help. Our team has the necessary training to provide you with sound advice and plumbing solutions to ensure that all of your water and plumbing needs are met every day.

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