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Plumber North Shore

We offer the following Services to our North Shore customers:

Free Home Plumbing Inspection North Shore> Taps Plumbing
> Blocked Drains
> Emergency Plumber
> Gas Plumber
> Hot Water Plumbers
> Bathroom Plumbing
> Kitchen Plumbing
> Toilet Plumbing & Repairs
> Leak Detection
> Rainwater Tanks
> Gutter Cleaning & Repair
> Drain CCTV Camera
> Commercial Plumbing
> House Plumbing

Plumbing Issues On The North Shore? Free Inspection Report Available

Sydney-siders know that travelling north from the city across the Sydney Harbour Bridge will lead you to an area known as the North Shore. More commonly known in two parts as Upper and Lower North Shore, both regions contain over 50 suburbs.

The Upper North Shore is well known for its leafy streets and stately homes yet has seen quite some growth in urban density. Likewise the Lower North Shore covers a lot of Sydney Harbour’s northern foreshore, and has a number of parklands and reserves including the National Parks of Sydney Harbour and Lane Cove.

Being a Metropolitan hub of Sydney it contains a wide range of properties ranging in age and construction type. It therefore takes experts in the plumbing trade to offer a complete service to this region.

At JEDI Plumbing we do offer such assistance, and right now we offer a free plumbing assessment for any homes throughout the North Shore Region.

Plumbing Issues: Noisy Pipes

A common issue household’s face with their plumbing is their pipes making irregular noises. There are potentially three causes:

Water Hammer
Loose or Broken Mounting Straps
High Water Pressure

Water hammer is exactly as the name describes – a loud bang which can continue vibrating through a pipe when its tap is turned off. The cause is specific air chambers needing replenishing and can be fixed by turning on the water source at the highest point in the house.

Over time mounting straps can corrode and become loose which if in handy spots can be fixed with a little know-how, although difficult to reach areas may require specialist help to ensure a pesky noise is silenced.

High water pressure can produce an annoying noise and can also lead to a waste in water. Some modern buildings are fitted with water pressure regulators and can be easily adjusted to match the water pressure of the location. If you have this problem and your home is not fitted with a regulator they can be easily installed by an experienced plumber.

Don’t put off getting that noisy plumbing fixed, especially when a free plumbing inspection report is available from the JEDI Plumbing team. We invite you to call us now on 0411 774 381 to book your free inspection.