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Sydney Water Bills Slashed in Historic Move

Residents of Sydney were recently treated to a rare gift when Sydney Water announced it would be reducing its customers’ water charges for the year. This change, which commenced in July 2016, marked one of the only times in Australia’s history that household residents received such a dramatic decrease in costs for a public service.

With over 4.6 million customers, Sydney Water hopes that this change will have a great impact on homes and families within Australia. The reduction in rates will save most households around $100 per year on their bills, or 8.2% of water costs, and are set to continue until at least the year 2020.

The Reasoning Behind This Historic Change

After announcing the cuts to resident’s water bills, Sydney Water explained just how they were able to achieve such savings for their customers. With revised operations in place, this organisation was able to cut costs significantly and then pass these onto the residents who need them most, without impacting the quality of their water supply.

After the release of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal’s Final Determination, it was found that Sydney Water was able to generate enough revenue to cover their service levels while also providing customers with a discount, which prompted the decrease in water charges.

The average household uses around 220 kilolitres of water per year, with Sydney Water’s recent cost reductions giving these homes a $100 decrease in their bill each year. This amount is set to stay for the next few years at least, and change only subject to inflation.

Sydney Dam Water and Savings for Residents

Other Ways to Keep Water Costs Down

For those not lucky enough to see the savings passed on by Sydney Water, there are a few ways you can be more water efficient in your home and reduce the cost of your water bill on your own.

  • Install Water Efficient Devices
    The easiest way to reduce your water costs without giving it a second thought is to have water saving devices installed. These include water saving shower heads or dual flush toilets, both of which can have phenomenal savings for an average household of four. Most of these devices can be installed on your own, or you can utilize the help of a professional plumber.
  • Check For Leaks
    Often times our water bills grow without us being the wiser, due to the water leaks around the home. Having a qualified plumber inspect your home if you suspect a leak is a quick fix to water wastage and can also save your home from further structural damage.
  • Reduce Your Water Usage Time
    It can be easy to use more water than we need when we aren’t conscious of it, so begin timing certain activities to ensure water efficiency. A shower should go no longer than four minutes, particularly in larger households, and watering your gardens and lawns can be done every second day for just a few minutes.

Contact JEDI Plumbing for Your Water Advice

As one of the most costly household services we have, anything can help when it comes to cutting water costs. If you’re on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or North Shore, and looking for ways to become more efficient with your water use around the home, it pays to speak with a professional.

The team at JEDI Plumbing have professionals to advise on how you can reduce your water costs, as well as a range of products and installations that can help you be more water efficient. With everything from rainwater tanks to leak detection, our team has a variety of options that can save you money. Contact the friendly team on 0411 774 381 to discuss your home’s unique needs.