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Your Guide to Toilet Repairs

You might not realise it, but we spend a lot of our lives in the bathroom, and after our kitchen plumbing, the toilet is the most commonly used plumbing fixture in the house. Even if you haven’t given any thought to how much we rely on our toilets to work at their best, you will soon figure it out if something ever goes wrong with them.

There can be a number of toilet plumbing problems experienced in your home, and when not addressed they can not only cost a lot of money but can put a huge hindrance on the household too. Thankfully, toilet repairs are usually a quick fix from your local plumber who can get the job done easily and affordably, so that you’re able to enjoy the peace and quiet of your bathroom once again.

Your Guide to Toilet Repairs

What’s Wrong with My Toilet?

Considering how much use these plumbing fixtures get in our house, it’s no wonder that from time to time they need a little bit of attention. Here are just a few common problems that can arise with toilets, and what usually causes them.

  • Blocked toilets

A number of things can block our toilets, especially when we try to flush foreign objects, and once the obstruction is lodged you’ll have a very hard time getting anything through it. Blocked toilets can overfill and cause spillage in the home, and create a huge mess at the same time.

  • Leaking toilets

You might notice a leak coming from your toilet at the base or tank, and this can be caused by a crack in the porcelain or poor plumbing work. Not only can leaks make a mess but they can cause a huge spike in your water bill too.

  • Non-flushing toilets

If your toilet refuses to flush altogether, this is usually a simple fix from your plumber. Non-flushing toilets can be caused by the parts inside the tank which can be replaced or tightened as needed.

No matter what the problem with your toilet, a licensed plumber is qualified to fix it. However, there are some toilet repairs that can be prevented before they even begin, with a little bit of care and consideration towards this sensitive plumbing fixture.

Taking Care of Your Toilet

Before you go to the hassle of calling for professional help, there are some simple things to remember about caring for your toilet that can ensure it runs at its best for years. The key thing to remember is to only flush what is intended to be flushed down the toilet, and don’t overfill it.

Common household items which aren’t meant to be flushed include wet wipes, food scraps, cotton buds, and certainly never nappies! All of these can not only harm your plumbing system and toilet, but they’re a nightmare for the environment. According to Sydney Water, 500 tonnes of wet wipes are washed down the toilet each year which is the same weight as a tyrannosaurus rex, having a catastrophic effect on our oceans.

When To Call For Help

Whether your toilet is completely blocked and unusable or you’re just noticing a slight leak, you need a professional to help you fix it. A DIY repair job might seem like the cheaper and easier solution, but if something goes wrong you’ll be in for a lot more work from a licensed professional, which will inevitably cost much more.

In Sydney, the team at JEDI Plumbing are the professionals to trust when you need toilet plumbing and repairs, with years of experience handling a range of problems.

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