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Your Gasfitter Must Be Licensed!

When it comes to working on our homes, sometimes we like to get our hands dirty. There are a few times where this isn’t possible due to legislation, however, and one of these times is when performing work involving a home’s gas system.

Whether it’s running gas from the mains to your home, installing a gas cooktop as part of a renovation, or repairing a leaking gas spigot, any and all works involving a home’s gas system MUST be performed by a licensed gasfitter in accordance with the Gas Supply Act of 1996.


Aside from the fact that it’s a legal requirement, what other reasons would there be for engaging the services of a licensed gasfitter?

Why you need a licensed gasfitter

In our homes, gas is commonly used for cooking our food, heating our rooms and providing us with warm water for cleaning. The common element fuelling these items is a flame which is used to burn an incredibly combustible resource – natural gas.

So why should we be using the services of a licensed gasfitter?

While the installation of gas appliances may appear straightforward, if they are improperly installed the effects can be catastrophic for a home, leading to not only property damage but potentially the loss of life. Not only is gas combustible, but it is also an incredibly toxic substance which can lead to asphyxiation.

On top of the damaging effects that gas can have, if your insurer were to find that the works that led to the claim were not completed by a licensed gasfitter they have the right to refuse the claim. This can put the homeowner into financial hardship, as well as the potential for criminal charges to be laid against them or the person that completed the works.

With all of these factors in mind, the risk is far too great to simply ignore the law to save a few dollars. The question then has to be “what should I look for when choosing a licensed gasfitter?”

How do I know if my gasfitter is licensed?

The most obvious thing to look for from a licensed gasfitter is proof that they have a licence. This not only ensures that the tradesperson you want to use has completed the right training and successfully demonstrated their skills over a number of years, but that you are engaging the services of someone that will do the job correctly from a functional and legal point of view.

The NSW government offers a free online service which will allow you to check not only whether or not a tradesperson is licensed to complete the works, but also how long that licence has been valid for and any compliance issues that may have been raised throughout the contractor’s work history. Should all this information check out, then you can look into local reviews and comments regarding aspects such as price, promptness, efficiency and the behaviour of the contractor and their team on the job site.

Once the works have been completed, a licensed gasfitter will issue a Certificate of Compliance to confirm that everything has been completed in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations. This is a critical piece of documentation, as it protects the homeowner against any faulty works.

By using the services of a licensed gasfitter, homeowners can be assured that works will be carried out safely and following the industry standards.

Installing gas appliances and performing repairs on the home’s gas system carries a high risk if done incorrectly, and the potential for the loss of life far outweighs any potential savings that could be made by taking on the project yourself. Remember – any gas works in and around the home, including repairing leaks, MUST be completed by a professional licensed gasfitter.

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