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What To Look For When Choosing a Plumber

We don’t normally think about our plumbing unless there’s a problem with it, and when there’s a plumbing problem it’s normally at the worst possible time. Whether it’s a blocked drain on the night of a dinner party, or no hot showers on a cold, frosty morning, people needing work done might not be sure of what to look for when finding a plumber.

With Sydney going through a boom in construction, it is becoming more and more difficult to choose the right plumber. So, what makes a great plumber? And, when the chips are down, what questions should you be asking to make sure the person working on your home is the best plumber for your Northern Beaches house or business?


Signs of a good plumber

When it comes to the traits that make up a great plumber, these are the main ones to consider:


Any plumber that works on your home MUST be licensed. Given that the plumbing system in a home is one of the biggest factors that contributes to your health – by providing clean, fresh water and taking away waste – it is not only a suggestion, but anyone working on plumbing, draining or gasfitting is to be licensed in the state of NSW. Not only does this ensure that the work is going to be done according to the correct standard, it also helps provide peace of mind that the job will be completed in a safe and healthy manner.

Understanding different license types:

  • Contractor license – The plumber can contract and advertise their services. They are only permitted to carry out the work outlined on their license cards. Individuals, companies and partnerships can hold this license.
  • Qualified supervisor certificate – The plumber can supervise as well as carry out the work outlined on their certificate. Only individuals can hold this certificate. The individual cannot contract for work with this certificate.
  • Endorsed contractor license – These license cards have ‘contractor license (Q)’ printed on them. This shows they are equal to a qualified supervisor certificate. These plumbers have applied for a contractor licence and can also supervise.
  • Tradesperson certificate – Plumbers who hold this certificate can do plumbing, drainage and gasfitting work. They are issued to individuals, require minimum supervision, but cannot sign off on work. This work will need to be signed off by an individual holding a contractor license or qualified supervisor certificate.

You can find more information on plumbing licenses via the NSW Fair Trading website.

Online License Check


It’s a good idea to find out how long your plumber has been in the industry for. A clear indicator on how good your plumber is, simply comes down to how long they’ve been in the game. Not only will this give you an idea on the likelihood that they’ve encountered your particular problem in the past, a plumber that’s been around for a number of years is a good sign that they possess great customer service and satisfaction. A plumber should offer more than a simple water, gas and drainage service. A great plumber should be able to not only fix a busted pipe, but to help identify any potential issues that could lead to costlier repairs if left unchecked.


How does your plumber handle alternative projects, and how well do they keep up with emerging trends? With sustainable designs being integrated into more homes, it’s best to look for a plumber that can help suggest ways to minimise waste and to install other measures, such as rainwater tanks and greywater systems, into your home. This level of adaptability in the industry means you can look to the one tradesperson to complete all the work on your home, rather than having to find and keep track of several at the same time.


Can your plumber work with you to bring out the best in your home for years to come? While experience with installing plumbing works makes for an ideal contractor, homeowners today are looking for that extra step that will help them make the right decisions for their home. Whether it be offering advice on how to maintain your home’s plumbing network, or plan out your next renovation, a knowledgeable plumber should help you feel at ease and provide insights for your home.

Questions to ask

Having a list of questions ready to ask a plumber over the phone or in person is a good way to ensure you don’t forget to find out any information that is important to you.

Below are 10 questions you might like to ask your plumber.

  1. Are you licensed?
  2. Are you insured? (Who pays if our house floods as a result of the work that was done?)
  3. Do you offer a warranty on your work?
  4. How long have you been working as a plumber?
  5. Do you offer emergency services?
  6. What time frames can you give me? (No one likes sitting around all day!)
  7. Could you share any references with me?
  8. Will you be the plumber doing the work, or someone else?
  9. Do you do background checks on your employees?
  10. What is the estimated cost to fix my plumbing issue?

Other checks

There are certainly a few other checks you can make when choosing a plumber.

  • Ask around – Sometimes word of mouth is the best advice. Ask people whose opinion would be important to you and who you trust.
  • Read the reviews – Reading the reviews is a great way to get an insight on the plumber and their business.
  • Check their website – If their website is polished and up to date, this can show their business is important to them and they take pride in how they look to potential customers. Think of it as a ‘storefront’.
  • Uniforms – Wearing a uniform shows they care about their appearance and like to look professional.
  • Good customer service – This is important both on the phone and in person. After all, these are the people you will be welcoming into your home.

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