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How Much Is That Leaking Tap REALLY Costing You?

Leaking taps can drive you mad in the middle of the night, with the constant dripping stirring us from slumber, but what other impacts are they having on our lives? Apart from disrupted sleep, a leaking tap can have wide-reaching and potentially damaging effects, including the following:

  • Higher bills – A leaking tap means more water is flowing than it should. If left unchecked, a leaking tap can waste tens of thousands of litres of water per year. With billing periods being bi-monthly, the leak could remain unnoticed for a long time, giving homeowners a nasty surprise.
  • Pest propagation – Excess water in a home can not only attract unwanted pests, but it can act as a breeding ground for them as well. Ants, cockroaches, and other unsavoury wildlife can be drawn to your home and if left unchecked, require the services of a pest control agent to clear them.
  • Property damage – Builders aim to make our homes as watertight as possible. The key reason for this is that water can wreak havoc with a home’s structural components. Wall and floor linings will bubble or grow mould, leading to an undesirable finish and potential replacement. Timber frames will bend and warp, and concrete can become weakened by water, especially risky in concrete balconies.
  • Environmental issues – While the immediate impact we see from a leaking tap is an astronomical water bill, not a lot of thought is given to the impact a constantly dripping tap can have on the environment. With water being one of our most precious resources, preventing any unnecessary waste should be on top of everyone’s list.

Leaking Tap Water Droplet

What if the leak is outdoors?

Most leaking taps are noticeable when they are within the house, but what happens when they’re in an out of the way area? Any tap has the potential to form a leak. Whether it’s the garden tap or the feed to a water feature, seals will eventually break down allowing water to flow where it isn’t supposed to. But how do we identify these kinds of leaks?

The initial indicator that something has gone wrong with your home’s plumbing system is a water bill that is far higher than normal. Confirming that there is a leak is a fairly simple process. Just switch off every tap in and outside of the home, read the water meter, then leave the house for a while. On returning, check the meter to see if the reading has changed. If it has, it’s time to hunt down the leak.

Finding a leaking outdoor tap isn’t all that difficult – in many cases they can be spotted instantly. Taps near paved areas will be visibly wet, indicating that they are dripping. It’s when our taps are over landscaped areas that things get a bit trickier. Look for patches where the lawn or plant life has grown wildly to give you an indicator of a leaking tap or place a bucket underneath each one. Not only will the bucket provide you with the identity of the culprit, but you’ll also have the water to reuse in your yard.

Stopping the leaks

While fixing a leaking tap could be done by the average home handyman, there is far more merit to having them repaired by a professional plumber. In addition to the work being completed by a certified contractor, a plumber will also be able to identify any potential issues that may be able to be rectified before they become a major issue.

If your home has leaking taps that you’d like rectified, get in touch with the professional team at JEDI Plumbing today on 0411 774 381.


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