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How Much Does A Kitchen Makeover Really Cost?

They say that a quality kitchen renovation can be one of the smartest home investments you’ll ever make, as it’s the one area of the house that people are most interested in when buying. However, knowing what it can cost to do a kitchen makeover and just what it takes to get the job done is a completely different story.

Kitchen Makeover

There are many different considerations when creating a new kitchen or giving your old one a spruce up, so before you dive headfirst into the job, you should be aware of potential costs. These are just some of the expenses you might need to think about incurring if you’re looking to give this beloved space a makeover.

Budget or Luxury?

Before you can even get started pricing up materials and contractors, you need to know the general costs of a kitchen makeover. If you start at the low end of the scale using cheaper materials and a whole lot of DIY knowledge, a new kitchen could cost from $10,000. For a luxury kitchen with the finest fittings, marble benchtops, and the latest and greatest appliances, you’re easily looking at up to $50,000 or possibly more.


The appliances in a kitchen include everything from the very small toasters and kettles that sit on the bench to the larger items like ovens and gas cooktops. For a complete kitchen of standard appliances you can expect to pay about $5,000, and for anything premium, you’ll need to add more.

Benchtops and Cabinets

This is an area where people like to use their inner handyman and attempt to do a lot of the work DIY style. There are many ready-made kitchens and DIY brands now available that make it easy to install this part of the kitchen yourself, and most of the time you’re given creative control with the design and layout, too.

Another deciding factor in costs will be the materials used for cabinets, drawers, doors, and benchtops as there’s quite a sliding scale. For a budget-friendly approach, look for laminate and melamine benchtops which can cost around $3,000. To go to the luxury end, you’ll have countless options of timber and natural stone to choose from, averaging about $10,000.


The lighting costs in a kitchen makeover can add up when you look at the products as well as installation from a licensed electrician. Spending a little more on lights can have a significant impact on the overall look of the kitchen, so it’s worth considering adding this to your budget.


If you’re planning on building an entertainer’s kitchen or want this space to double as your dining area, then you’ll need to budget for furniture. Something simple like a few bar stools can easily cost less than $100. However, you do have the option to upgrade to designer items if the budget allows it.


No kitchen would be complete without plumbing, but it’s a cost that many overlook. If you’re simply updating sinks and appliances, you might not need to do much plumbing work, but for those wanting to do a complete redesign of the space, it could get a little more expensive.

As one of the most important parts of the kitchen makeover process, your plumbing is crucial to get right the first time. Our team at JEDI Plumbing have years of experiencing helping people achieve their renovation dreams, and we invite you to call us today on 0411 774 381 to see how we can help to bring your makeover vision to real life.