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Five Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen And Bathroom

When it comes to renovating our homes, there are two hubs that we tend to focus on – our kitchens and bathrooms. The reasoning behind this is quite simple – we spend a great deal of time in them.

With many homes having an open plan living area, the kitchen can be seen whether you’re preparing a meal or sitting down to enjoy it. Bathrooms, on the other hand, tend to be tucked away in a home but are no less important and are changing from rooms used to clean ourselves, into rooms for relaxing and washing away the stress of the day.

Kitchen Interior Update

Let’s look at five easy ways to update your kitchen and bathroom without going through an entire renovation.

Not scratching the surface

One element of kitchens and bathrooms that can have a striking visual impact is the benchtop. Replacing the existing tops with updated laminate is a relatively inexpensive way of livening up kitchens and bathrooms compared to the cost of replacing the cabinets entirely. Laminates today are a lot more durable than they once were, being more resistant to scratches and heat, and are available in a wide variety of finishes. With high gloss and textured laminates, it’s possible to find a finish that gives the appearance of a high-end benchtop.

Opening up the bathroom

If your home was built in the 70s, chances are your shower was fitted with either a shower rod and curtain or a thick, obscured glass sliding door. By swapping these out for a clear, modern semi-frameless screen, you will get the appearance of a larger bathroom by no longer hiding a part of it.

Let there be light

While we do need lighting in our homes, there are many options on the market to allow homeowners to personalise the mood they’d like to set for their bathrooms and kitchens. Whether it’s through the use of new light fittings, brighter and more efficient LED downlights, or a colour-changing LED lighting strip, it’s now becoming easier and more affordable to customise the lighting in your home to suit your needs, bringing your old rooms back to life.

Letting it all sink in

If your kitchen has seen its fair share of Sunday dinners, there is a good chance that the sink is as common as every other sink from that era. By replacing the existing sink with a more modern one, you can instantly add more value to your kitchen. This comes into its own if you’re also replacing the benchtops, as the two elements tend to go hand in hand when installing.

Put a new spin on tapware and fittings

Is your existing tapware a bit dated? Can you see the spring behind the hot water knob in your shower? Rather than replacing it with the exact same tap set, why not look into what other alternatives are available?

There is a variety of finishes available to homeowners today, as the days when chrome tapware was the only option are far behind us. Yes, chrome is still available, but why not give your bathroom a striking new look with some bold black tapware? Or perhaps gold is more your style? No matter what effect you’re looking to achieve, there is sure to be tapware and fittings to suit your needs.

These five updates for our homes is by no means a definitive list but is a great place to start for adding value to your home on a budget as most of these updates require little effort for their installation. With the vast number of options and finishes on hand and a little creative flair, it’s never been easier to update your kitchen and bathroom without breaking the bank. The friendly team at JEDI Plumbing are here to help you discuss your options today. Call us on 0411 774 381.