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Designer Plumbing – How These Trends Can Work In Your Home

It seems that no matter where you look, what’s old is new again and our homes are no exception to these trends. With retro styling being all the rage designers are looking to integrate plumbing fixtures and fittings that will have a timeless look about them to keep the inside of your home looking as relevant tomorrow as it does today.

With manufacturing processes allowing for a variety of high end finishes without sacrificing functionality and efficiency it’s never been easier for home owners to create a truly unique atmosphere within their own home.

The Heart of Every Home

As we explore the latest designer trends for our homes, we begin by looking into the offerings available to a house’s core – the kitchen. The stainless steel looks that have been with us for decades appear to have had their day in the sun, replaced with the rise of matte black plumbing fixtures. Being used in stark contrast to a stone benchtop, these striking tapware sets made a bold statement in recently designed kitchens and they’ve paved the way for new colours to enter the scene.

With designers aiming on making tapware with a timeless feel to it, we have also seen metallic tapware enter the marketplace with brass, gold and rose gold fittings standing out from the crowd that will sit amazingly with your new sink. Once again looking to create a timeless feel to our kitchens, the farmhouse sink has once again come into its own. As with tapware, we have seen the introduction of coloured farmhouse style sinks to fit with any decor. Going for a rustic look? Grab a sink with a brushed or beaten metallic finish to it. Or if you’re after something completely left field, try a farmhouse sink with a polished granite face. The possibilities and colour combinations are endless, and are not limited to the kitchen.

freestanding bath tub designer plumbing

More than just a room to bathe

Bathrooms have evolved from being a purely functional room for getting clean, into an area of the home that can be used for relaxation after a tiring day. After years of bright white bathrooms and ensuites, more and more colour is beginning to be introduced into the décor to build another part of the home with a timeless feel. Much like the stylings being brought to kitchen tapware, bathroom fittings are now being produced in different metallic colours and styles. On the rise has been the uptake of basins with non-ceramic finishes. White basins are being replaced with not only matte black substitutes, but basins carved from sandstone and granite are looking to be in high demand.

When it’s time for a soak, more and more people are opting for freestanding bath tubs to personalise their bathrooms. A well-designed tub in a roomy bathroom makes for an ideal place to wind down. Freestanding baths are available in all manner of shapes and styles and can bring a touch of elegance to any bathroom, with back-to-wall bathtubs being on offer for those slightly less spacious areas.

With every aspect of our bathrooms receiving a facelift, it is no surprise that the humble toilet is also available in many different styles, shapes and finishes. Aiming for simplicity in design, there has been an increase in the integration of rimless toilets in modern bathrooms.

We have entered an era in which designer plumbing is not only available in a variety of styles, colours and finishes, but is also becoming increasingly affordable to enable a unique design to any home regardless of budget. When you’ve decided to give your home some designer plumbing touches, the friendly team at JEDI Plumbing are on hand to help. We specialise in plumbing projects on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches, and welcome your call today on 0411 774 381.