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CCTVs – Getting The Bigger Picture Of Your Blocked Drains

Living in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, there can be any number of factors affecting and blocking plumbing. When our drains become blocked, wouldn’t it be great to find the cause of the blockage rather than pouring harsh chemicals down it and hoping for the best? Wouldn’t it be just as great if we did not have to dig up the front lawn to find the cause?

With recent advances in CCTV technology, we now have a way to easily and affordably identify what is causing your drains or sewer to be blocked. A small camera fitted to a length of cable snakes through your plumbing system to the point of the blockage, giving plumbers a very clear picture of exactly what is causing the issue and where it lies within the system.


So how does it all work?

Closed Circuit TV cameras have been around for decades, primarily being used in the security and monitoring services sectors. As the technology has developed, not only has the images provided by the camera improved, but the size of the cameras has been greatly reduced as well. These two aspects have made CCTV cameras ideal for investigating issues in plumbing systems.

Along with a decrease in camera size, we have also seen a decrease in lighting sizes with the growth of LED lighting. By taking advantage of the high brightness and low energy use that LEDs can offer, it allows the plumber to easily identify issues found in the deepest of drains. A CCTV camera system for plumbing inspections is only as good as its operator however, and it’s best to make sure that your plumber has had the right training to ensure a quick and accurate diagnosis.

By using a licensed operator and plumber, the risk of missing the root cause of the blockage or incorrectly assuming the location of the blockage is greatly reduced. These factors can lead to lost time while digging around to find the affected spot, and potentially leaving the underlying cause of the blockage behind.

What can the cause be, and what can be done about it?

The biggest culprits for blocked drains are items that have been sent down the drain that shouldn’t have (such as a child’s toy), and grime, mildew, mould and other substances growing within the plumbing. Both are items which can cause services to back up but are easily remedied when they are detected. These tend to be one-off incidents, with maintenance and proper care preventing the issues from recurring.

Some of the more uncommon causes, however, include sagging or collapsing pipes, and tree root blockages. Both of these conditions are usually caused by an ageing plumbing system – sagging pipes can be due to soil erosion around the pipes combined with weaker materials, and tree root blockages can be caused by cracking pipes which the roots are drawn to as a source of nourishment.

Incidents caused by these factors are generally more difficult to diagnose without the use of a CCTV system as a sagging or cracked pipe can’t ordinarily be detected without excavating the entire area surrounding the existing plumbing. By using CCTV to identify the cause of the blockage, the location of the fault can be found relative to the access point, meaning a much smaller area is excavated. This means that not only is less of your hard-grown front lawn or garden dug up, but also the amount of time, energy and labour in clearing and rectifying the blockage is reduced, saving you money.

If you are on Sydney’s North Shore or Northern Beaches, and your home plumbing system isn’t flowing as it should be, we invite you to get in contact with JEDI Plumbing, your local licensed plumber, right away. A blocked drain can lead to flooding and water damage in your home, and is best to be resolved immediately.

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