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Top Sydney Bathroom Trends of 2018 Revealed

The bathroom should be a place of peace, privacy and solace. As we head deeper into 2018, it has also proven to be the place in the home where homeowners are breaking free from the mould and are showing off their unique styling preferences.

Bathroom Interior

If you are considering building a home or renovating an existing bathroom, here are a few of the leading design trends to keep an eye on this year as inspiration for your project:

1. Darker tones

An overwhelming number of bathrooms will continue to feature lighter, brighter colours this year. But there has been a sudden uptick in demand for dusky, moody tones like:

  • Black: This colour may not only serve as the backdrop for a bathroom, but it is often the main character tone for the entire room.
  • Dark grey/steel: Much like black, darker greys and steel tones are being used for walls, flooring, and fixtures.
  • Berry tones: Rich, saturated jewel tones like deep purple are being used on the walls, on fixtures, and more.

While on the topic of colour, we should also mention that green shades are trending for 2018. Anything from dark greens to blazing emeralds can all be found in today’s most avant-garde bathrooms, from being used as the room’s character colour to being featured on accent pieces.

2. Natural and organic elements

Organic materials like treated bleached wood and bamboo have been growing in demand for some years now because of the soothing atmosphere these earthy materials evoke. They can also easily be incorporated into almost any bathroom style and colour, including lemons, emeralds, ruby reds, icy white tones, warm browns and greys.

  • Use wood accent pieces to bring the outside in
  • Carefully choose wallpaper, tile mosaics or exposed brick to give your bathroom a more natural feel
  • Stream daylight into your space with a skylight

3. Small and efficient spaces

Gone are the days when homeowners demanded grandiose bathrooms boasting double luxury tubs and massive marble flooring. Today’s bathrooms are making more efficient use of space and are being outfitted with fixtures like:

  • Freestanding single-individual tubs
  • Walk-in showers
  • Floating vanities
  • More shelving and less cabinetry
  • Tech-enhanced toilets

Yes, even the toilets are getting smaller – and they are going high-tech! Don’t be surprised to find things like small, space-saving toilets with automatic lid openers, slow closing features, seat warmers, built-in deodorisers and air dryers become readily available over the course of this year.

4. Rich gold fixtures

Chrome and stainless steel fixtures are still in high demand, but warmer tones like gold and bronze are making their way up the popularity charts. Unlike their cool and sleek chrome counterparts, stylish golden fixtures give bathrooms a classy and luxurious feel.

You can find these fixtures in a variety of finishes, including:

  • Satin finish
  • Matte finish
  • Spun gold finish

Bonus: Each of these helps conceal water spots and fingerprints!

5. Energy and water efficiency features

Though not as exciting as other trends on this list, an increasing number of bathroom builds and remodels are incorporating energy and water-saving features. These features include eco-friendly toilets, taps outfitted with on/off sensors, and showers and sinks that run on water collected and provided by rainwater tanks.

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