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Including Ergonomic Features In Your Bathroom

A lot of time and consideration goes into designing what may very well be the smallest room in your home: the bathroom. From tiles and fixtures to appliances and colours, there’s one aspect that a lot of homeowners forget in the process, and that is bathroom ergonomics.

Having been hard at work in many new and existing bathrooms, the Sydney plumbers at JEDI Plumbing know all too well that ergonomics can make or break an entire room. An ergonomic bathroom is one that’s safe, functional, and can extend the life of what should be a relaxing haven in your home.

Ergonomic Bathroom Features

Whether you’re still sketching out plans for a new bathroom or are in the midst of a remodel, these are our five design tips for creating an ergonomic bathroom:

1. Bring your sink and vanity to the right height

Older homes are especially guilty of having sinks and vanities that are far too low, even for the average person. While the standard may be 850 millimetres for a vanity, many of our clients benefit from having a vanity installed at a height of 1000 millimetres or so.

  • This strategy works best for vanities with recessed sinks.
  • If you are mounting a bowl basin on top of the vanity, be cautious when increasing the height.
  • If you have little ones in the home, you can make it easier for them to reach the sink with steps or a stool.

2. Consider the placement of your taps

Whoever came up with the idea of installing shower taps directly beneath the shower head clearly did not have function or comfort in mind. Instead of being blasted with hot or cold water every time you turn on the shower, move the taps so that they are accessible from the wall facing the shower.

Don’t forget to consider the tap positioning on your sinks, too. Place taps so that there is at least a head-length between the spout and the rim of your sink. This way you won’t bonk your head on the tap every time you bend down to splash your face.

3. Upgrade the lighting in your bathroom

Safety-enhancing lighting can still be used to set the mood and create the ultimate escape. Mounted fixtures and sconces are common, but there are so many different styles to choose from, like:

  • Hanging lamps
  • Ceiling lights
  • Mirror lighting

Think about building a heat lamp into your design plans as well. It makes the bathroom more comfortable since it warms the room when you may be wet and chilly.

4. Choose humid-friendly drawers instead of cupboards

Rummaging through a cupboard is as frustrating as it can be dangerous. Items are more likely to tumble out and break, and bending leaves you more susceptible to injuring your back.

Install drawers of varying depths instead of classic cupboards. It’s easier to store items, faster to find what you need, and it saves you from having to hunker down to grab the shampoo or shaving cream.

5. Be smart when installing rails and holders

Our Sydney plumbers have seen towel rails and toilet roll holders installed in some interesting and questionable places. Though this may seem like common sense, be sure to leave room near the toilet to hang a roll of paper, and install your towel rails within easy reach of your shower or bath.

JEDI Plumbing in Sydney may not be interior design experts by trade, but we sure know what it takes to include quality plumbing features in a bathroom that you are sure to love for years to come. We welcome your call today on 0411 774 381 to speak to a licensed Sydney plumber about your new bathroom.