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Cramped Bathroom Space? 6 Ways To Find The Room You Need

It’s no surprise that our bathrooms are one of the smallest spaces in the home, but oddly enough it’s one that we try to cram full of various bits and pieces. The main purpose of your bathroom is to give you a place to shower or bathe, as well as a sink for washing hands, brushing teeth, and other basic beauty routines.

For some reason, though, we tend to accumulate all manner of things in our bathrooms and then find ourselves barely able to squeeze through to the shower in the morning. We’ve found these tips from the home design experts about how to utilise the most important room of the house and keep it clutter free.

Cramped Bathroom

#6: The linen basket

It’s certainly handy having a basket in the bathroom for dirty clothes but when you’re working in cramped quarters it’s not really a necessity. Move it to just outside, into the hallway, or into the bedroom or the laundry – and make an effort to actually take your clothes to the basket and not leave them in a pile on the floor. It wont be long before doing this will become your new routine, and give you so much more space in your bathroom.

#5: Medicine cabinet

We’re likely all guilty of holding onto a few old ointments, creams, lotions, and bottles of pills, and chances are much of this is passed its expiration date. Invest in a simple storage box and keep your medicine in the linen closet out of the reach of children, and you’ll free up some valuable space for other essential bathroom items. Make a point of clearing out your new medicine box every six months, and you’ll be surprised at how much you don’t actually need.

#4: Makeup and cosmetics

Many of us use our bathrooms as a dressing room, getting ready for work or a night out in front of the small vanity mirror. Keeping rows of cosmetics and products in the bathroom is unnecessary when you can easily set up a vanity in your bedroom and keep the clutter out of the already cramped space. Stick to simple things like a face moisturiser, deodorant, and toothbrushes, and the rest can be accessed somewhere else.

#3: The unused bathtub

Unless you have children or can genuinely remember the last time you used a bathtub, it’s probably time to reconsider its presence. Baths take up a huge amount of space and can easily be removed and a new shower installed – delivering you up to a cubic metre of space.

#2: Large showers

They might be a luxury, but if you’re just one individual hopping into the shower each night there’s probably no need for anything too big. According to the experts, a shower should measure 900mm x 900m but you can increase one side to up to 1.3m to make it even more appealing. This way you have a luxurious sized shower but still extra room for other design features.

#1: Floor storage

People are guilty of this in many different ways; there’s the large towel storage cabinet or oversized decorative hutch that sits on the floor. You might think you’re saving space by keeping them stored away but you’re actually stealing valuable floor real estate and making the room look extra small.

For more expert advice on bathrooms and how we can help renovate yours to bigger and better things, phone the JEDI Plumbing team on 0411 774 381. We have years of experience working with plumbing for the most important rooms of the house and would be happy to help you improve your home.